Branding and design for optimists and visionaries actively contributing to a better, brighter future.

Driven by optimism for the future

Semper Semper™ is an independent branding and design studio based in Wellington, New Zealand. We craft strategic brands, digital experiences and beautiful design for visionary startups and ambitious businesses that are actively contributing to a better, brighter future. We’re in the business of transforming our partners into the next great success story. Together, we facilitate change, enhance growth and realise visions. We see into the future, to what your business or organisation could be and then help make it a reality, crafting beautifully expressed brands and refined brand experiences that genuinely stand out and deliver results. Our working style is simple and honest, whilst we strive for excellence in everything we do. Our work is strategically-led, conceptually-driven, interwoven with story and meticulously crafted. We’re a collaborative group that passionately believe in commerce for the common good, working ethically, investing in quality, designing sustainably and with true pragmatic optimism.

We're a full spectrum studio

We build transformative brand identities and craft total brand experiences across the spectrum of design. From a brand’s foundations through to the touch-points that define how people experience your business, products and services. Everything needed to launch, standout, grow and thrive.

Brand development

  1. Brand audit
  2. Brand strategy
  3. Naming
  4. Visual identity
  5. Verbal identity
  6. Art direction
  7. Toolkit & guidelines
  8. Workshop & training
  9. Brand guardianship

Brand experience

  1. Digital
  2. Print
  3. Motion
  4. Social
  5. Packaging
  6. Editorial
  7. Campaign
  8. Wayfinding
  9. Spatial


Semper Semper™ launched in June 2023. After 15+ years in the branding and advertising industries at some of the world’s best agencies, it was time to start a new studio. Sam brings from London a wealth of experience working with clients of all scales, sectors and nationalities. His experience across the gamut of design has given him a unique perspective and a fresh take on how to best run a future-focused studio.

Profile image of Sam Ashby

We operate a specialist collaborator model, which means that we run a deliberately small team and bring in trusted collaborators as and when they’re needed. Our prime focus is quality, we’re extremely discerning about who we work with. Every one of our collaborators is an expert in their field, each with extensive international experience. Our advantage is in providing a tailored team for each project stage, utilising the right talents at the right time. Our extensive collaborator network skews senior in level, resulting in a faster, more efficient project with better outcomes, yet at a favourable industry rate.

How we do business

There’s a range of ways to engage us and our expertise, we’re pretty easy to work with.

Bespoke projects

Our approach to most projects is to create a tailored solution that perfectly answers your brief and respects your timeline, budget and operational requirements. That starts with understanding.

Monthly retainer

Secure guaranteed hours reserved every month at a discounted rate. This option is best for those that have a regular creative and design need or fast turnaround projects with the safety of guaranteed resource. Try us out and if you love our work, secure your time with us on a monthly basis.

Small business menu

Quick templated creative for small businesses. This is a faster and more affordable option for small local businesses with lighter needs. Jobs are billed upfront and completed within a set timeframe.

Startup ventures

For the right opportunity, we will partner with startups under an equity-for-service co-ownership model in place of financial compensation. For our partners, this has the significant advantage of securing a dedicated partner and keeping costs down.


We are open and willing to partner with important creative-led initiatives that have a social or cultural impact within New Zealand. We care deeply about supporting the local community in which we live and work.

Sam and the team at Semper Semper really delivered. They got to the bottom of what was holding us back and developed a simple and effective strategy to address it. The brand they crafted for us really turns heads and helped us to stand out from our competitors. It’s made a big difference to the perception of the company and we’ve got more confidence to bid for bigger commissions. Well worth it.

David Chatziliadis, Founder, Heavy Reverb

If you’re an optimist with a vision to realise, let’s talk.